COOL CHANGE - The Little River Band Story

Join us in celebrating the incredible musical journey which began in the ‘60s and ‘70s with iconic Aussie acts, The Twilights, Axiom, Zoot, Mississippi, John Farnham, and Little River Band, including hits first performed by Cold Chisel, Bobby Darin, The Hollies, including; Needle in a Haystack, Arkansas Grass, Little Ray of Sunshine, Sadie, Eleanor Rigby and Dream Lover etc. through to LRB’s biggest hits including, Reminiscing, Help is on It’s Way, Lonesome Loser, Curiosity Killed the Cat and the LRB/John Farnham classics of Help, We Two, When the War is Over, and Playing to Win. Come and enjoy a huge slice of Aussie music history with COOL CHANGE - THE LITTLE RIVER BAND STORY...



Judd Field (Vocals)

Kevin Murphy (Drums/Vocals)

Steve Conlin (Sax/Vocals)

Shane McKay (Guitar/Vocals)

Alex Stoj (Guitar/Vocals)

Rob Powell (Bass/Vocals)

Scott Stickland (Keyboard/Vocals)

2018 GIGS

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