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The DAW Collaboration Framework

Scott's PhD research culminated in the development of the DAW Collaboration Framework (DCF). The DCF is web browser-based middleware that interfaces with Cubase Pro via the DCF-specific MIDI Remote script and virtual MIDI ports. The interface application, or DAW Collaboration Interface Application (DCIA), uses Web MIDI and WebRTC APIs to transmit and receive MIDI Remote data, distributing and synchronising multiple remote instances of a shared Cubase Pro project.

Here's Scott explaining how this is done at the Web Audio Conference 2019 in Trondheim, Norway:

Scott partnered with LiveSwitch Inc. who provide the DCF's media cloud server to include videoconferencing and text chat facility, in addition to distributing the MIDI data between online participants and their local version of a Cubase Pro project.

Along with the DCIA and LiveSwitch Cloud media servers, the DCF includes a web/authorisation server and cloud storage for Cubase Pro project and audio files for distribution amongst online participants.

The next phase in the DCF's development is to broaden the number of DAWs with which the DCF can interface, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, REAPER and Bitwig Studio.

Scott's work, presented at the Innovation in Music 2022 conference in Stockholm, Sweden, will be published as a chapter in the upcoming edition of the Innovation in Music book series, published by Routledge (due 7 February 2024).


Here's a short demo video of an in-studio test with peer-to-peer connectivity, focusing particularly on synchronous Cubase Pro operations over the Internet:

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